Commercial Advertising LED

Solution Detailed Instruction

Commercial Advertising LED Display is known as commercial advertising LED screen,and it ranges from outdoor LED screen to indoor LED display advertising application fields.Commercial LED display’s vivid colors and sharp images deliver amazing visual impact and more attract those passing by to maximize the media advertising value.

Commercial advertising outdoor LED screen is always built as jumbo LED display and its main features are:
1.Large video LED display;
2.Rugged and waterproof at IP65 and IP66;
3.High brightness up to 12000cd/㎡,guarantying clear and vivid image effect even under strong direct sunlight;

Outdoor Commercial LED Display
This outdoor advertising LED display features low power consumption and bright and sharp images to capture the attention of passersby with compelling video and promotions that highlight your product.

Indoor Commercial LED Display
The unparalleled brightness and contrast ratio allows our indoor advertising LED screen to become the main focus of people’s attention to anyone walking by. We offer sharp images, low power consumption, and deep colors.

1. Efficient exhaust fan and design to dissipate heat

2. Uniform color and high contrast ensure clear and sharp images

3. Tough and strong, the LED display won’t easily deform or warp over time

4. Stable signal and power supply prolong the LED display’s lifespan

5. Low power consumption reduces operation costs

6. High protection grade of IP65 makes the LED screen waterproof and dustproof

Commercial advertising LED display screen installation methods:

1. On steel pole.Video LED display is installed on single steel pole or double steel pole,depending on this large video LED screen size and weight;

2. Mounted on building.A steel structure is needed to be fixed on building and LED screen mounted on this structure;

3. Hanging on the building.This method is mainly used for indoor LED screen with screen size less than 10㎡,because it requires screen lighter weight.

4. Fixed on roof of building.The structure should be designed to bear strong wind grade.


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