Unique Design – Easy to Install & Transport


The cabinet of P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen features unique rugged design which makes it easy to carry and install. The lightweight cabinet is easy to carry and saves transportation cost. It’s damage free and lasts for a lifetime. Pick out from different standard colors of cabinets.

High Gray Scale – Better Picture


The P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen is manufactured by using best quality material, purchased from most reputed vendors. The final products feature supreme quality and offers best outputs. High refresh rate and gray scale ensures the picture quality remains seamless.

High Brightness, Better Quality


Installing at outdoor places require the displays to produce high brightness outputs. The high brightness and high definition features of the P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen ensures great quality pictures – making it a perfect fit for stage, banks, highways, promotion, station, stadium and other outdoor places.

High IP Rating IP66 – Safe and Reliable


The special waterproof design of P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen protects it from water and dust. When instalLED in outdoor areas, protection is a serious matter. Special guard protects it from environment dangers. High IP Rating IP66 ensures great quality outputs in every condition.

High Refresh Rate


The P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen is manufactured as per latest technology-dynamic scanning mode which offers higher brightness and high refresh rate. It features a high refresh rate of 1000Hz, producing best quality outputs in form of pictures, videos and texts.