Dragon Series P4.81

Dragon Series P4.81

Super light cabinet

Cabinet Weight: 7kg

Super slim cabinet

Cabinet thinkness: 70mm

Wide viewing angle

Viewing angle: H: 120º, V: 120º

Energy saving and low power consumption

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Assembled with Lightweight Modules


The display is assembled with lightweight modules, making it easy to transport and install. No skills and special tools are required to install it. The 500x500mm module is assembled using four 250x250mm modules and aluminum-magnesium cabinet. Full module is superlight.

Standard aluminum Cabinet Dimensions

Die-cast Aluminium cabinet designed P4.81 has super light, super slim and good looking advantages. Also, it is easy to install and makes splice seamless. Also, the quick-lock feature requires no technical skills to install and uninstall.

One Price for All


In single price, you get the complete kit which includes the LED display, cabinet, control system, receiving cards, package and flight case. It saves you a lot of money. Also, we replace the faulty accessories without any cost if your product is in warranty period.

Friendly Maintenance


Fast installation: The locking system can save time and labour. Friendly maintenance: modular rear servcing, several seconds to take place one module, all cables are in one and look neat.

Best Indoor Performance


The displays are created for supreme quality indoor performance, and it delivers the same with perfection. See pictures, videos, text and much more with every detail. The high resolution display offers picture-perfect outputs in indoor areas.