Energy Saving LED

Solution Detailed Instruction


Outdoor LED display is usual with larger area, power is many times higher than ordinary appliances, a dozens of square meters led display can usually reach tens of kilowatts, with numbers of LED display screen increasing, display has become the main force of power consumption in advertising industry, all over the world, every year power consumption on the LED display up to billions of degrees, thus making how to reduce the Led display Screen power consumption to become an important subject in LED display design.


Super energy saving:   Power consumption save up 50%;adopt Special PCB design & High brightness LED  lamp.


Low working voltage:  To reduce electromagnetic interference ;Adopt double circuit 2.8V & 3.8V for Modules and Control system.


How much money you save annually?

* calculate as 100sqm LED screen( Daily working time10h,1KW = USD 0.2)

Standard LED Display solution

Average 0.28KW/sqm

Electricity cost  1 year:

= $0.2 x 0.28KW x 100sqm x 10h x 365D

= $20,440

Energy saving LED Display solution

Average: 0.12KW/sqm

Electricity cost 1 year:

= $0.2x 0.12 x 100 x 10 x 365

= $8760

Result: Save $11680 Annually on electricity cost.


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