Rental LED

Solution Detailed Instruction

Rental LED Display Screen is also named as rental LED wall,LED video wall rental that is designed for events and advertising campaign. JINYUNHE rental LED wall’s unique design makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor venues application.
Rental LED screen is installed in two ways: with hanging structure or with a stand.

rental LED screen main features as below:

1. Light weight cabinet. Rental LED video wall is built with die casting aluminum material to reach lighter weight requirement,cabinet can be easily taken and assembly by one person;Compared with traditional rental LED screen, this light weight rental LED wall design save much cost on operation and shipment;
2. Utilizing DIP technology to deliver brightest image even under direct sunlight, and brightness  automatically(rental LED wall equipped with multi-function card)and manually adjustable for both outdoor and indoor,day and night use;
3. Ultra slim rental LED screen cabinet design brings nice appearance screen to attract more audience attention and outreach events value;
4. Waterproof cabinet design of IP65 for both outdoor and indoor use;
5. Fast lockers on top and below,left and right side on each cabinet to reach seamless cabinet connection goal;
6. Flight case package makes it more convenient movement from one site to next,assuring more rounds events presentation in a limited time schedule;

Mobile rental LED screen contribute a lot to today’s events,and we can also call it events LED screen. Rental LED wall is widely used for festivals, concerts, sporting event scoreboards, political rallies, corporate events, trade shows, advertising, promotions,night club and DJ events etc. Through LED wall usage, it increase events participation,events revenue,events publicity and events enjoyment, assuring events organizer and sponsors reach the widest and most appropriate audience in the event and campaign.


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